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PDW BoB Tool

PDW가 선보이는 두번째 티타늄 핸드툴 BOB 입니다.
B.o.B. 툴은 "Break or Beer" (부수다 혹은 맥주따기)의 의미로 티타늄 합금으로 제작되었습니다.
렌치,드라이버,병따개 등 기능적인 요소를 가지며,  위급한 상황에서 유리창을 부수거나, 디펜스 목적으로 언제든지 휴대할 수 있는 컴팩트한 EDC 툴 입니다.

티타늄 그레이드 38

총길이 : 약 6cm
폭 : 약 3.6cm
두께 : 약 0.6cm

B.o.B. ("Break or Beer") is a precision made, compact, titanium alloy, one piece tool that supports a multitude of tasks with a focus on functions tailored to support emergency medical technicians or EMTs.

The Break or Beer tool is a titanium one piece tool able to support any user including emergency service professionals such as first responders, EMTs and paramedics who require quick access to a variety of life-saving tools.  Finished with detailed CNC chamfering and in a scratch-resistant bead peen, the wide variety of functions and handy compact size of the B.o.B. are effectively able to fulfil the needs of its users who are looking to rapidly open/close oxygen tank valves, break auto glass for victim access and retrieval.  Additionally the B.o.B. possesses a 10mm wrench common for most modern bicycles, a 1/4'' hex bit driver milled with a unique blind pocket, a recessed key ring, and of course bottle cap lifter (We can think of few others more deserving of a cold brew or an icy cold bottle of pop at the end of their shift). The overall shape is ergonomic, compact, and easy to handle and use in multiple positions.  Complete with lashing holes that allow for more cordage and tie in options, as well as weight savings, this OPT from PDW is able to effectively serve as a life saving tool while maintaining a low profile, easy to use form factor that will not get in the way on your keyring or in your pocket.  The B.o.B. Tool was designed, machined and finished in California and is effectively able to support those individuals who dedicate their lives to helping others.  An OPT for EDC for EMTs. *Use all proper safety & protective equipment and gloves when using the glass breaker component.


Titanium Grade 38
Bead Peened & Tumbled Finish
Approx. Dimensions:
Length: 2.35"
Width: 1.4"
Height: .250"
Tungsten Carbide Ball Glass Breaker
Oxygen Tank Wrench
Blind Pocket ¼” driver
10mm Wrench
Bottle Cap Lifter
Key Ring Hole
Lashing Holes
Laser Etched PDW & Made In USA Marks
Made In:
Designed in San Francisco, Made in California







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